The Media Carrier GmbH was founded in late 2011, the company is located in Munich. The company has specialized in the marketing and distribution of digital content. The main product of the company is the Media Box, a virtual library that holds national and international magazines and newspapers for download. Managing Director of Media Carrier are Dr. Holger Bingmann and Phillip J. Jacke. Media Carrier is represented by its international network of 20 partners in the key markets of the world, such as Europe, USA, Russia, the Arab Gulf States and more recently in Asia. Currently, Media Carrier has eleven employees. The young company is part of the MELO group, an international concern based on the central columns media and logistic. Another division of Media Carrier is the Special Places brand, the market leader for customized distribution of print media, with headquarters in Hamburg.

The Software as a service offering (SaaS) allows the Media Box to be integrated in every company, anywhere in the world. It can be used for service companies to offer a special service to customers and guests who are traveling or experiencing waiting times, and to provide them with the latest quality reading. Therefore it is suitable for tourist service providers such as hotels, airlines, train, bus and ferry companies, airports and restaurants; but also for hospitals, clinics and public facilities. Internally, the Media Box can replace the traditional circulation in larger companies and ensure that company-relevant reading reaches the employees at any time and is available everywhere. Currently, some 500 five-star and luxury hotels and various airlines, airports and other companies like the German Navyare using this service for their employees worldwide.

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