Media Box conquers the road:

Launch of digital media library for Uber customers in Austria

(Munich, October 11th 2017) – Uber trips in Austria now come with the added service of Media Carrier’s Media Box. The integration of the e-paper library into the Uber app allows customers to download up to three newspapers or magazines free of charge during their ride and to read them in their familiar format, turning even a traffic jam into a comfortable experience.

The Media Box provides Uber customers with about 200 titles, mostly Austrian ones such as Krone, Kurier or Wiener but also international publications. As soon as users select the Uber app during their trip, they are informed that they can download for free up to three newspapers or magazines from the e-paper library’s comprehensive selection during the next 24 hours.

“Media Carrier’s digital experts convinced us straight away with their service offering and

know-how. Their highly functional Media Box is exactly the kind of service that impresses our customers because our technology allows our users much more than simply getting from A to B in a quick, comfortable and reliable fashion. Particularly business travellers can now be provided with an exclusive service,” says Claus Unterkircher, Uber Austria’s Senior Manager Operations & Logistics.

“We are delighted to work with Uber as a further client in the mobility and transport sector,” adds Media Carrier’s Managing Director Philipp J. Jacke. “Up to now, mainly renowned airlines such as Lufthansa Group or Virgin Atlantic use our digital service. However, tourism and transport businesses increasingly realise that implementing the Media Box provides their customers with a very valuable added service and thus enables them to set themselves apart from their competitors through offering an innovative service tool.”

Media Carrier’s IT specialists fully integrated the Media Box’s customised media portfolio into the Uber app so that it can easily be used with any web-enabled device. Uber customers in Austria simply need to open the Uber app and can then access the e-paper library to read their free publications. Once downloaded, newspapers and magazines are provided as an unabridged PDF that keeps the familiar print layout and is easy to read and browse.

Media Carrier, the Media Box service provider, takes care of all content, including e-paper rights, and ensures smooth operation of the digital media library. Media Carrier also develops client- specific solutions, by curating content for defined target groups, puts together relevant media portfolios, acts as a technical gatekeeper and drives the ongoing development of the service.





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