Through its agreement with the private Italian railway NTV and the South Caucasus Railway in Armenia, Media Carrier has established itself in a new segment in two countries, making its Media Box available in trains for the first time.

(Munich, 5 August 2015) Following several international hotel chains, airlines and airport lounges, the digital library from Media Carrier is now also available in trains. Passengers of two European railway companies can now enjoy digital newspapers and magazines while travelling, as Media Carrier establishes itself in another important segment of the travel industry.

Italo is the name of the high-speed trains with which the private Italian railway company NTV (Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori) connects major Italian cities like Rome, Milan, Florence, Turin and Naples. In the twelve Italo station lounges, rail passengers can now order digital reading material for their journeys. The new service is being prominently advertised. “Anyone connecting to the local WLAN in the NTV-Italo lounges will automatically have access to the’“Edicola Digitale Italo’, which offers over sixty international publications. As with all Media Boxes, newspapers and magazines can be downloaded onto the passenger’s own device for reading on the go,” says Philipp J. Jacke, managing director of Media Carrier.

The Armenian South Caucasus Railway installed its Media Box directly in its 1st class carriages, which have free Wi-Fi as a standard service for passengers. During the summer months, the Armenian South Caucasus Railway offers a direct daily connection from the capital Yerevan to the Georgian port of Batumi on the Black Sea. First-class passengers can improve the time they spend on the sixteen-hour journey with a selection of major international magazines, like Glamour and Marie Claire France, and regional media like Golos Armenii. “This exciting pilot project shows once again the versatility of our Media Box. I am very proud that our product is now also available in trains,” explains Jacke.