Munich, 09.11.2011. Since the beginning of November, guests of the Steigenberger Airport Hotel in Frankfurt and the Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof benefit from a digital library. Hotel guests can download newspapers and magazines in electronic format for free with the so-called Media Box

Guests can choose from international and national newspapers and magazines and save them with one click on their personal device. Media Carrier developed this web-based solution that enables the download without installation on any device. “The ease of use of the Media Box and its seamless integration with our existing WiFi has convinced us. With a broad range of digital publications we offer our guests another service”, says Tina Schmidt, Marketing and Communications Manager of the Steigenberger Airport Hotel Frankfurt.

Various publishing partners secure a variety of publications for the hotel guests: Besides classic daily newspapers the range also includes the Handelsblatt and the Financial Times as well as special-interest magazines.

Through a specific placement digital publishing copies may reach the target group directly- for example, in hotels and airline lounges –providing exact measurement of performance. The implementation of the Media Carrier concept at Steigenberger is the first step. For the future internationalization of markets, more partners have been acquired. “With Media Carrier we offer publishers and media companies a business-to-business service provider that markets digital copies and apps of publishing houses” says Dr. Holger Bingmann, managing partner of the Trunk Group, parent company of Media Carrier. Publishing houses keep under control in which digital libraries their products will be offered.

Media Carrier supplies companies of various industries with digital publications, relying on individual technical solutions . With Media Carrier as affiliated company, the Trunk Group has expanded its business to the marketing and distribution of digital content. Also the press wholesalers Trunk Press Distribution and the News-Log AG, which supplies Europe’s airports, airlines and caterers with print media being market leader in Germany and Switzerland, belong to the Trunk Group.