All Steigenberger hotels in Europe offer their guests daily, via WiFi, up-to-date international newspapers and magazines for download.

Munich, 15.08.2012 Guests of the Steigenberger Hotels can now enjoy a new digital offer: During their stay at the hotel, they can download international newspapers and magazines of their choice for free on their laptop, Tablet PC, iPad, iPhone or other smartphones.

With the Media Box, a digital library, guests of the Steigenberger Hotels in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands, are offered an extensive range of current daily newspapers and magazines. With one click guests can download their preferred publication on their mobile web-enabled devices. Media Carrier provides a web based solution, which displays the digital copies without any previous installation and registration on all mobile devices.

If required, guests may also save these copies as PDF.

The offer, which is individually tailored for each hotel, consists of 32 selected leading newspapers and magazines. It features international titles as the International Herald Tribune, USA Today, Le Figaro as well as business papers like Financial Times and Handelsblatt, the national newspapers Welt Kompakt and Süddeutsche Zeitung and the regional newspapers Rheinische Post and Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung. The magazines offer includes titles such as Chip and Vogue as well as regional issues of the lifestyle magazine Prinz.

Guests who didn’t bring their own device receive rental devices in the Steigenberger Hotels. “Even now, almost 90 percent of our guests own a device and can access our Steigenberger library in the hotels via WiFi,” says Kai Gehrmann, Area Director Germany of Steigenberger Hotels AG. “With the Steigenberger library we update and expand the press offer for our guests. Our experience shows that this offer is well accepted and used frequently. ”

“Steigenberger Hotel Group is the first that offers their guests a new standard with the extensive digital offer in addition to the printed press,” says Frank Ecker, managing director of Media Carrier. “Even international titles are available shortly after publication in the Steigenberger library.”

In November 2011 the Steigenberger library was installed in the first two hotels in Frankfurt. During the World Economic Forum at the Steigenberger Grandhotel Belvédère in Davos, the Media Box passed the first major test and supplied reliably politicians, business leaders and intellectuals with up-to-date worldwide newspapers.

The Media Carrier GmbH supplies hotels and airlines with digital editions of international newspapers and magazines. Media Carrier composes an individual selection according to the customer’s choices from a comprehensive selection of notable titles, and uses its own technical solutions for distribution. The company is a subsidiary of the Trunk group. Amongst others the press distribution Trunk, one of the five biggest press distributors in Germany and the News-Log AG, supply airlines in Europe and the U.S., airports and catering-enterprises with print media.


For more Information, please contact:

Sandra Lönnig

Media Carrier GmbH

Phone: 089 / 324 71 -538