The Steigenberger Hotels AG is one of the leading hotel companies in Europe. The company, based in Frankfurt/Main is represented by 79 hotels in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Egypt. Under the umbrella brand of “Steigenberger Hotel Group”, the two brands “Steigenberger Hotels and Resorts” with 46 individual luxury hotels and “Intercity Hotel” with 33 hotels in the upper middle class are located directly at the traffic junctions of major railway stations and airports.

Guest  of  all 45 European Steigenberger Hotels can download national and international newspapers and magazines of their choice for free on their mobile internet enabled devices such as laptop, tablet PC, iPad or smartphone their during their stay. The Steigenberger library is based on the Media Box, which has been developed by Media Carrier.

The offer, which consists of 32 leading newspapers and magazines get individually assembled for each  Steigenberger hotel through Media Carrier. individually. The international publications are up-to-date; same can be read even before the print edition has been delivered. The titles are never out of stock. These advantages are especially appreciated by business travellers.

The Steigenberger Hotel Group updates and expands their free press offer with the Media Box for their guests, which is totally welcomed for them.”Even now, almost 90 percent of our guests own a device which can access our site’s WiFi and thus our Steigenberger library,” says Kai Gehrmann, Area Director Germany of Steigenberger Hotels AG.