(Munich, 7. September 2016) – If an airline wants to impress its passengers with an up-to-date information and media platform, the Media Box from the digital experts of Media Carrier is an innovative option. This offers extensive infotainment before, after and during the flight.

The prestigious British airline Virgin Atlantic (VS) is now using the digital Media Box in its ten lounges, known as Clubhouses, and in doing so is delighting its Upper Class customers and Flying Gold members. They can not only use it to download their desired reading material, but also for example to find out about the wellness treatments available in the Clubhouse SPA or whether they will need sunglasses or an umbrella at their destination.

The Media Box is a web-based platform that supports any internet-enabled device, smartphone or tablet. After connecting to the free WiFi in the Clubhouse, customers are automatically redirected to the Virgin Atlantic Media Box. By selecting their VS flight number, they can access an extensive range of information and media, tailored to their flight. For example, they can easily download their desired reading material from a range of national and international media to suit their travel route. All newspapers and magazines are presented unabridged and in the same layout used in the print versions and can also be browsed easily and intuitively offline during the flight. But at Virgin Atlantic, there is more than just this popular standard function – the experts of Media Carrier have developed more great new features for the airline.

Fully informed about everything worth knowing before departure
By selecting their flight number in the Media Box, Virgin Atlantic customers can obtain information tailored to their flight – comprehensive and always up to date. This means customers know before boarding which exclusive menu will be served during the flight, what weather they can expect at their destination airport, or whether they are able to indulge in a foot reflexology treatment in the Clubhouse Spa. A news ticker also provides breaking news about global events.

“The whole thing is of course visually impressive, too. The layout and design of the Media Box we developed for Virgin Atlantic is identical to the on-board wireless IFE app. This means that customers will always face the familiar design and  interface of  Virgin Atlantic, both on the ground and in the air,” explains Philipp J. Jacke, Managing Director of Media Carrier, describing the advantages of the enhanced Media Box. “This is one of our biggest strengths. We develop customised solutions for our clients – naturally with the look and feel that they require, to ensure an identical design and consistent image is integrated throughout. But above all, with our Media Box, the airline can provide its passengers with useful additional information – these added values enhance the image of the airline and make it unique in its range of services,” adds the digital expert.

Matthew Callard, Head of Clubhouses at Virgin Atlantic, also endorses this. “With the Media Box, we are able to provide our customers with a digital platform that makes available a wide range of complimentary daily newspapers and magazines as well as information on in flight dining, live news feed and brand partnerships. As well as reading material, the platform also provides our Upper Class customers with material in order that they may make more informed decisions about their journey and makes for a more seamless ground to air experience.”


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Virgin Atlantic Media Box

Virgin Atlantic Media Box