ePapers for future:
Media Carrier’s digital media library contributes considerably to climate protection – tree population of more than 50 forests saved from felling

Munich, 27 September 2019 – Alarming numbers and a sad truth: Each day, about one million tons of paper are being used. A stack of all the paper being used in Germany within a year would reach the height of 520,000 kilometres and thus, easily the moon. Almost every second tree that is cut down for industrial purposes is used for paper production. The paper industry is therefore key for the future of our forests. Felling trees not only affects our forests but also puts a strain on other ecosystems and
reduces biodiversity.

Media Carrier, a subsidiary of Munich-based MELO Group, specialises in the marketing and distribution of digital content. The company’s Media Box is the perfect tool for
environmentally friendly newspaper and magazine consumption. As a digital media library, it offers a range of more than 1,500 publications from around the world and is primarily used by companies in the travel industry. The Media Box is web-based and can be used with any web-enabled device, without installing an app.

Media Carrier’s Media Box enables hotels, airlines, bus and train operators or cruise companies but also retirement homes and hospitals to offer their guests and residents a premium added value while at the same time make a valid contribution to protecting the environment.

The ePaper library’s benefits in this context are clear: Using digital instead of print is sustainable. No matter how many people want to read a magazine at the same time, a digital edition can never be sold out. Transport and logistics, that are necessary to provide daily papers and come with high cost, are not needed, which, in turn, reduces carbon footprint. In the last five years, Lufthansa alone was able to save 7,247 tons of paper. The German national carrier has been providing its passengers with Media
Carrier’s digital media library since 2014. The use of digital content has also led to kerosene consumption being reduced as less print on board means that the planes’ transport weight can be considerably reduced.

"With our Media Box, Media Carrier is making a great contribution to climate protection. Since 2011, the digital publications we provide have been downloaded more than 22 million times worldwide, preventing the unnecessary production of 2 billion sheets of paper. This equals more than 23,000 trees or 50 forests not being felled,” says Media Carrier managing director Philipp J. Jacke.

"Consumers are becoming more demanding: On the one hand, they want digital services that align with their media consumption habits, and on the other, it is increasingly more important for them that services are sustainable and climate-friendly. The Fridays for Future movement reflects these demands of today’s society very well. In this context, the Media Box has everything to offer: It aligns with modern, digital user behaviour, meets the zeitgeist and – most of all – it reduces the use of natural resources and protects the climate.”

About Media Carrier

Media Carrier’s ePaper library is particularly popular with travel industry clients: As a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering, the media library can be integrated anywhere in the world. It is an ideal product for customer-oriented service companies that want to provide their customers and guests with a special and smart service on the go and with up-to-date quality publications. As the consumption of digital publications is
climate-friendly, the Media Box is of particular interest for businesses that focus on sustainable services.

The ePaper tool is web-based and can therefore be used with any web-enabled device, no matter if Apple or Android, tablet PC or notebook. User do neither need to install an app nor provide personal details to register. All they do is connect their device to local Wi-Fi. They are then automatically (or via a landing page) taken to the Media Box where they can choose from around 1,500 quality publications from around the world, all clearly presented for easy download.

Media Carrier GmbH was founded in 2011 as a subsidiary of Munich-based MELO Group whose main business divisions revolve around media and logistics. Media
Carrier specialises in the marketing and distribution of digital content. The company supplies its Media Box products not only to major travel industry clients but also to chauffeur services, catering businesses as well as hospitals and retirement homes, i.e., areas where digital reading enhances a temporary stay for users. The digital library is successfully being deployed worldwide by, among others, major airlines such as Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic, Austrian Airlines, Eurowings, SWISS and Singapore Airlines as well as more than 1,200 hotels (e.g., Crowne Plaza, Dorint Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts, Intercity Hotels, Mandarin Oriental, Sofitel or Steigenberger).

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