Hospitals/Care faci­li­ties

Offer your patients the right kind of reading material. Top publications in many languages. Hygienic handling and no extra work for your staff.

We all struggle when we are ill, bedrid­den or in need of care and assis­tance. Some­ti­mes, it is small things that can make a dif­fe­rence, such as a little dis­trac­tion when stay­ing in a hos­pi­tal or reha­bi­li­ta­tion cli­nic, while wai­ting to be exami­ned or trea­ted and ulti­m­ately when going through any kind of reco­very pro­cess. Brow­sing through a favou­rite maga­zine or lis­tening to a pod­cast can help to free one’s mind, even if it is just for a moment.

Providing a helping hand: Media Box premium digital infotainment

No mat­ter if cele­brity news or maga­zi­nes cove­ring sports, cars and any other hobby, rea­ding can pro­mote well­be­ing: Pick and choose from our wide range of more than 1,600 digi­tal news­pa­pers and maga­zi­nes in some 40 lan­guages and curate a cus­to­mi­sed Media Box that meets your pati­ents‘ requi­re­ments and demo­gra­phic. As lis­tening is some­ti­mes easier than rea­ding, our port­fo­lio also includes a large sel­ec­tion of pod­casts.

Web-based solution for easy access

Our user-fri­endly Media Box is web-based, does not require a sub­scrip­tion nor an app and is available on any device via your Wi-Fi, to enable digi­tal rea­ding at any time. Users can also down­load and save their favou­rite maga­zi­nes for later rea­ding.

Clean and sustainable

Our digi­tal library is a per­fect option for hos­pi­tals where hygiene mat­ters. As each pati­ent only uses their own mobile device to enjoy their cho­sen digi­tal con­tent and only tou­ches the dis­play to down­load digi­tal edi­ti­ons, turn pages or scroll, germs do not tra­vel where they shouldn‘t. And as there is no need for paper any lon­ger, you will reduce your car­bon foot­print.

A win-win for everyone

Our expert IT team will cus­to­mise our white label Media Box to match the cor­po­rate design of your faci­lity so that pati­ents feel at home when rea­ding their digi­tal publi­ca­ti­ons. You only need to decide on the digi­tal publi­ca­ti­ons and pod­casts you want to inte­grate in your Media Box and we take care of the rest, from sto­cking your Media Box with your cho­sen publi­ca­ti­ons to Wi-Fi inte­gra­tion.

Tip: Our digi­tal rea­ding ser­vice not only enhan­ces your range of pati­ent ser­vices. Why not make the Media Box available to your employees, too?