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Tap into new distribution channels and offer your digital publications through Media Carrier

Media Carrier Solutions – your premium partner for the distribution of digital publications to premium target groups.

Since the launch of the iPad in 2010, the market for digital publications has grown exponentially. In the mobility and tourism segment, the Google Consumer Barometer 2018 estimates that more than 90 percent of user take their smartphones and tablets with them on business trips or holidays. One of the reasons is to be able to read their favourite magazines and newspapers wherever they are and at any time.

If you’re looking to reach new target groups and increase your reach, Media Carrier Solutions Media Box helps you grow the circulation of your digital editions worldwide and engage with exactly the kind of readers you want to target.

Work with us to deliver the digital editions of your newspapers and magazines directly to the mobile devices of airlines passengers and hotel guests, coach and train travellers as well as cruise passengers – no matter their destination or route. Readers anywhere in the world will always have access to your digital editions.

The digital media distribution is verified by The German Audit Bureau of Circulation (IVW) and GDPR compliant.

New distribution channels: Tap into digital distribution channels around the world. Benefit from our long-standing partnerships with international airlines, premium hotels, rail services, coach operators, cruise companies and exclusive mobility providers.

Reach: On average, every Media Box user performs two to three downloads. More than 240,000 hotel rooms are currently equipped with Media Boxes. Together with some 160 million airline, coach, train and cruise passengers, about 625,000 downloads are generated per month.

Increasing circulation: The Media Box enables targeted and verifiable international distribution and makes digital publications available without any delays.

No added cost: The direct transfer of pdfs from print production to Media Carrier does not incur any extra cost for you. Plus, you save on further distribution cost.

Long-standing expertise: Media Carrier GmbH is a MELO Group subsidiary that is rooted in Trunk, a long-established, Munich-based press distribution company. Benefit from our long-standing expertise in international, digital media distribution.

100% transparent: Your own back office Media Box access enables insight and transparency at a glance. Data provided covers the amount of download per industry sector, per client, per location, etc. Every report can be downloaded in Excel or as a CSV file.

  • Audited by the German Audit Bureau of Circulation (IVW)
  • GDPR compliant
  • Reach readers fast, direct and easy
  • Enables international footprint
  • Offering your publications through the Media Box means that you can reach your readers throughout their entire journey from beginning to end


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Media Carrier Solutions- Ihr renommierter Partner für ePaper Lösungen für Verlage und deren Printmedien.